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In the order I came to them over the years...


The Map That Changed the World

Typical Simon Winchester captivating, readable account of how a simple man came to revolutionary understandings of our world, and gave birth to some fields of geology. Incidentally laying foundations for Darwin's breakthroughs. Also his life and times.

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Island of Lost Maps

Very readable account of a modern tragedy. Along the way, many, many snippets of the things that make map collectors tick.

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On The Map

Wonderful anthology of interesting aspects of maps and globes. Each chapter can be read in isolation... if you have the willpower to put the book down after only one chapter. Very diverse topics.

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A History of the 20th Century in 100 Maps

Look at the title. The contents reflect what it says on the tin. We start at 1900 and end up at 1999, about two pages per year. A map for most years. But not a dry, boring, academic tome. Wonderful variety of material. Excellent gift: Anyone will enjoy one bit or another, and the recipient can enjoy dipping in or reading cover to cover. Somewhat Anglo-centric, but not exclusively so.

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