A "tkb-wiki" is a wiki created by me, TK Boyd.

"Wiki" (should be pronounced "wee-kee", I believe. There's a post on the subject, but of course that could be a spoof. Some say "wickey"): A marvelous way to create web content quickly, easily, especially in collaboration with others. You can learn more of the general points from the Wikipedia entry. You can learn about the Schtuff implementation at their site, where you can sign up for free, or just play in their demo areas.

A tkb-wiki is one produced with the help of the spendid people at www.schtuff.com. I haven't researched the alternatives extensively becuase I'm happy at Schtuff.

One downside of tkb-wikis is that they are not "seen" by Google, hence my attempt to copy the better tkb-wikis to "normal" web pages. They will usually transfer you into the wiki quite quickly, as their links will take you to wiki pages, within which many of the links will be to other pages of the tkb-wiki.

The downside of the "normal" versions of the tkb-wiki pages is that they cannot be edited or commented as the tkb-wikis can, and they will sometimes be less up to date than the tkb-wiki they derive from.

Moral: Be glad of the "normal" pages... for finding the stuff in the wikis, but, when you have a choice, go for the tkb-wiki.