Bird Identification Database

The database has records for 133 British birds. It is supplied in two forms: Paradox and Ascii-delimited. The latter will allow you to import it into any serious database management program, e.g. DBase, Access, DataEase. You could even use it in a spreadsheet with sorting capabilities, e.g. Quattro, Lotus, Excel. A sample is preovided below, so that you can see if your database manager can handle it. The sample is for all birds (in the database) larger than 29cm.

Warning: This product has not sparked great customer interest. At 12/08, it might take me a while to find the file, if it is even still findable!

If you like what you see below regarding the bird database, send a snailmail address to me, and I will send you further details. (It involves illustrations which I haven't digitised!)

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The records consist of the following fields...

Name, Size(cm), Page in Peterson Guide
  Colours: Two main in or on ... Head, Back, Tail, Wing, Breast
     (Colours coded a:Black, B:Brown, C:Blue, D:Red, E:Orange,
     F:Yellow, G:Green, H:Grey, I:White
  Then one field to show all colours you might see in the bird, it
     takes the form of 9 characters... a hyphen when a colour is
     not present, a letter when it is. A magpie, for instance, if it
     had not been coded to allow for 'colours' you might perceive
     due to it's iradescence, would be coded in the 'Colours present'
     field a-------i (Black and White)
Bill (codes for size, type),Eyestripe, Wingbar, Tail Markings, Tail Shape,
Breast pattern (spotted, streaked, etc), Breast Pattern distribution (uniform,
     at sides, at top)

I have not provided my usual VERY easy download button for this one. You'll have to save this webpage to a file, and then massage it with a simple wordprocessor, e.g. NotePad. Alternatively, send me a snailmail address and I'll send file and user notes that way. (Two stamps to 'pay' for the disc wouldn't be unwelcome.)

@@1 MFD10,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
@@2 ver:2 Apr 94 Subset:Birds >29cm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
@@71 IBM ver started..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
@@72  .. 2 Apr 94,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Barn Owl,,33,183,ib,b-,bi,bh,i-,-b-----hi,f--,n,n,z-,cd-,a-,a,
Black GrouseFEMALE SM.,,53,103,ad,a-,ai,ai,ai,a-cd--ghi,bck,n,1,z-,af-,a-,b,
CapercaillieF SMALLER,,86,104,ad,ab,a-,bi,ah,ab-d-f-hi,ck-,r,n,z-,cf-,a-,a,
Cuckoo (gray phase),,33,182,h-,h-,h-,h-,hi,-------hi,cj-,d,N,cj,cf-,d-,b,
Golden Eagle,,81,82,b-,b-,b-,b-,b-,-b--ef---,f--,d,n,z-,be-,a-,a,
Green Wpecker,,30,199,dh,g-,ga,g-,hi,ab-d-fghi,e--,f,n,ak,cfj,a-,a,
Hen Harrier,,45,87,h-,h-,hi,ha,--,a----f-hi,f--,f,n,k-,cf-,--,-,
Long-eared Owl,,35,185,bi,b-,b-,b-,b-,-b-d---hi,f--,d,n,a-,cd-,c-,c,
Marsh Harrier,,50,89,b-,b-,hi,bh,--,ab-d-f-hi,f--,1,n,k-,cf-,--,-,
Montagu's Harrier,,43,88,h-,h-,h-,ha,--,ab-def-hi,f--,f,1,z-,cf-,--,-,
Pheasant(MALE-F SMALLER,,81,108,dg,bg,bg,bh,bd,abcdefghi,ck-,f,n,a-,cf-,c-,c,
Ptarmigan(Summer male),,35,102,hd,h-,ha,i-,b-,ab-d---hi,bk-,r,n,g-,cd-,d-,c,
Red Grouse,,38,102,db,db,ad,a-,bd,ab-d---hi,bk-,r,n,g-,cd-,d-,c,
Red Kite,,60,70,b-,d-,d-,db,db,ab-d-f-hi,f--,1,n,z-,af-,c-,c,
Red-legged Partridge,,35,106,ia,b-,db,b-,hd,ab-d---hi,bk-,2,n,g-,cd-,c-,b,
Rock Dove,,33,178,h-,hi,hi,ha,h-,a------hi,c--,n,2,c-,ce-,a-,a,
Rough-Legged Buzzard,,58,76,ib,b-,ai,b-,bi,ab---f--i,f--,1,n,c-,ce-,c-,b,
Short-eared Owl,,38,186,bi,b-,b-,b-,b-,-b---f-hi,f--,f,n,a-,ce-,c-,c,
Sparrow Hawk,,33,75,dh,h-,ah,h-,di,abcdef-hi,f--,t,n,a-,cf-,d-,c,
Stock Dove,,33,177,h-,h-,h-,ha,h-,a------hi,c--,n,2,c-,ce-,a-,a,
Stone Curlew,,40,150,bi,bi,bi,bi,bi,ab-----hi,ce-,2,1,a-,ce-,c-,b,
Tawny Owl (rufous),,38,190,bi,bd,bd,db,bd,-b-d---hi,f--,n,2,a-,ce-,bc,c,
Wood Pigeon,,40,177,h-,h-,ha,ah,h-,a------hi,c--,n,1,c-,ce-,a-,a,