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a) Help, thoughts on, download problems
b) Further information on 'Please help me'
c) The meaning of 'Click here to download from CS
d) Simtel Mirror sites 

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Help, thoughts on, download problems...

Sometimes the usual computer holding my files for you is so busy that it won't let you connect. That is why there are multiple "click-here-to-download" buttons. If one doesn't work, try another! (For the technically inclined: If you are really determined to get a file, make a note of the last partS of the URL, and then go to the list of Simtel Mirror sites, find one that isn't oversubscribed, download form there! That page is not maintained by me or SimTel. Some of the sites listed there seem to be off the air. I'm told (but haven't had the reply to my test yet) that you can get a list of SimTel mirrors by sending an email to listserv@simtel.coast.NET with get in the body. (I put it as subject, too, just in case!) You may be able to get the SimTel mirrors info more easily by downloading /msdos/filedocs/download.inf) You can also go into SimTel via the WWW at If you take that route, things with downlaod buttons .../msdos/... will be in the MS-DOS collection,, and ../win3/.. items will be in the (you guessed?) Windows (not 95) section!

When SimTel is oversubscribed, it does (at least sometimes!) send a clear message to that effect. I will send you my software by snailmail, if you email me the address! This will have the additional advantage of giving you lots of my software, unzipped. PLEASE TRY to download, but if SimTel is oversubscribed, email me your snailmail address. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ALTERNATIVES TO SIMTEL? (I.e. a place where people can (without charge) put up things for you to ftp (free))? (I do think SimTel is GREAT.... but alternatives would be welcome.) (Thank you! Someone let me know about one:

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bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Further information on 'Please help me'

Your trouble in looking at this plea for help is appreciated.

I hope lots of people are downloading and enjoying my software. I hope children are benefiting from the CAL (computer aided learning) element in my software. I'm getting little feedback, though, so where are things breaking down?

You should be able to download my software just by clicking on buttons on the Offers page.

If you are new to obtaining software over the net...... Don't be alarmed if your browser says something about not knowing what to do with the results of clicking on a download button. It will probably also ask 'Save to disc?'. Yes! You want to save it to disc! This is quite normal for downloading software.

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The server my software is on is sometimes busy. If you get 'access denied' or somesuch, please tell me? Please also tell me if you download successfully..... I'm trying to discover whether the server is unavailable too often. I PROMISE NOT TO PLAGUE YOU WITH EMAIL!!!

(A brief email NOW is better than a long one later... if you don't forget... with answers to everything. I know how easy it is to download something and not get around to checking it out for weeks!!)

Once you have downloaded, are you able to get the program to run?

Once it is running, is it ANY good?

If it is any good, is it not good enough to be worth paying the registration fee requested? What registration fee would be reasonable in your view? (Please try to 'measure' reasonable in terms of something dear to your heart.... I enjoy a meal in a Chinese restaurant from time to time... and measure shareware fees in meals enjoyed or given up.)

Of course, your opportunity to make use of a program also affects its worth to you. A teacher with a class of 30 children learning the times tables might be able to justify the registration fee more easily than a family with one child! Any information you have to help me understand how to make my product valuable to you would be very welcome.

'Complaints' are also very welcome. If there is something you don't like in my program, please tell me!

Thanks again for your time in reading this plea.

Here is how you can contact this page's author, Tom Boyd.

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cccccccccccccccccc The meaning of 'Click here to download from CS

If you see a 'Click here to download from CS' button for anything, clicking on it should cause your browser to fetch the item from my space on the CompuServe OurWorld computer. This (I hope) will be a dependable source. Please let me know if you have problems. The other download buttons usually take you to a SimTel miror. You will sometiems get a 'file not found' or 'your computer refused access' message if you try to download from SimTel. I believe this is a refelction of the demand upon their servers.... I assure you: The software IS there, much of it has been for months.

If you see 'TAG2', TAG3, etc near the 'Click here to download' buttons, please email me? (It means I've forgotten to 'turn on' the buttons when updating my website!)

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dddddddddddddd Simtel Mirror sites

SimTel is a major source of shareware. Often, the main SimTel site has too many people trying to use it. Therefor, thre are many places around the world where copies of the SimTel site are held. They are called mirror sites.

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