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Thank you !

Thank you for coming to look at this page. It is for two audiences...

We'll get to the wants of the first audience in a moment. First... because it is short...

To send ME thank$...

For the adventurous... consider Flattr? I've written a bit about it. I hope this channel will prosper generally, but there's a bit of a chicken-egg thing going on for now.

If you have a PayPal account which is backed by a bank account, to make a gift to me... which is not a charitable gift, let's be clear, please send it to...

My email address as a graphic

I'm afraid that's a graphic, so spam-bots can't harvest it (easily!) Copy/paste won't work. Copy it "by hand". (Don't post your eddress (email address) online in machine-readable form unless you want spam.)

Don't let the ".co.uk" worry you if you are not in the UK. You can sent the money in any currency. That is one of the joys of PayPal... although they help themselves to a nice profit with poor exchange rates, I have sometimes found. But hey! They aren't running the service for love. "Give the worker his due..." (And we all know how much banks consider themselves "due"!... though I must say that HSBC seem to have moved to a new (better) philosophy of pricing, of late.)

But if your PayPal spending is charged to a credit card, please don't send money that way, as it is expensive for me to collect it. Please use a check to: TK Boyd, PO Box 367, Essex, CT, 06426, USA, with a cover note reminding me (and reassuring the IRS) that this is a gift. I can accept checks drawn in US dollars or pounds sterling. (Cheques!) Please note: If you make a gift to me, you are not donating to a "charity". The gift would not be deductible against your income taxes.

(I won't find out anything about your credit card or bank account, of course, if you use PayPal... but which source you use affects how much of your gift reaches me.)

Charities that I like

These are "charities" as far as the IRS is concerned, so, yes, US taxpayers can deduct the gifts from your income at tax paying time...

(I'll come to avenues for people not in the USA in a moment)


Amazon Medical

Bring healthcare to the people living on the Amazon in Peru...


(Have a look at the "biography" pages. Amazing lady... I've met her. The "Letters" page will give you an idea of what she does... with our support.)


They aren't a "big" charity... no fancy donations options. You just put a check or credit card details in an envelope and send it to...

Amazon Medical Project, Inc. TM
Kim Stokes, Administrator
PO Box 194
Mazomanie, WI 53560

(Address checked May 17... please don't hesitate to pester me if this (or anything else on my sites!) seems out of date. (The AMP snailmail address is at their website.))

(They have a "donation form", if you want to help them with their paperwork, but it probably isn't necessary.)

Of course, alternatively, you could send your money to one of the huge "charity" industrial giants, if you'd rather. Have you seen their plush offices in central Washington DC? And their regional offices in "the field"? Of course many of the "big boys" do do good work. And maybe there's a logic in overlooking paying $1,000,000 to bring in $500,000 if the alternative is to pay $500,000, but only bring in $200,000... but that game will fall down if donors become more savvy. Long live CharityNavigator.org, and similar ventures! I've also heard, from someone who would know, that in his small "random sample", it seems to him that the people from Save the Children stay in modest hotels instead of 5 star palaces. That isn't to say that no other charity has the same policy... but it isn't true for all of them.)


Educational charity

Closer to home, for US citizens, I commend...

American Indian College Fund....

www.collegefund.org (N.B.: .org, which is where the link will take you.)


They DO provide direct support to individuals, but an even more important part of what they do is to foster excellence in the educational opportunities on the reservations. I've visited some of their colleges. Ever visit a slum? In the middle of wastelands? So poor that there isn't a lot of trash around? That's a reservation. And yet, in some there is a "jewel", obviously cherished by the whole community: The tribe's college... where academic studies and/ or vocational training can be had, in a setting where the student's family and friends, and their beliefs, customs, traditions are welcome.

They are a bigger operation than Amazon Medical, and have most things a donor might want, except (at May 17) a way to give via PayPal. There's a way to give by credit card online.

As for not accepting PayPal... do remember that the charities (and others) that do accept PayPal won't receive all of the money you donate. But that's true if you pay by credit card, too, or insist that they hire office staff to process checks. "You pays your money, you takes your choice!"



International Rescue Committee

Alternatively, please support the International Rescue Committee. Their webpage is at....


The IRC goes to crisis zones to rescue and rebuild.

They are big, but CharityNavigator gives them full marks, and the Forbes Investment Guide named them one of 10 "Gold Star" charities.

Also, while I have "issues" with the behavior of Microsoft in the commercial community, I've never seen a "stupid" charge leveled at Bill Gates which I thought was valid. His foundation regularly donates to the IRC. Want to match one of those gifts? Better use a check. Your credit card might struggle with $2,000,000. (Annoyingly, I couldn't find a date on the press release about that gift.)

As with AICF, they accept credit card donations via an online form. they also accept donations via PayPal.


Medecins Sans Frontieres/ Doctors Without Borders


MSF is a charity like IRC, delivering humanitarian aid in disaster zones around the world.

They did stunning work in the horrific nightmare of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

One of their hospitals was flattened, killing patients, doctors, children, by a US airstrike in 2015.

Learn more about their work at the Medecins Sans Frontiers website. (You may know them as "Doctors Without Borders"... same people.

They are an international organization. Go the MSF "donate" page, select your country, and you will see your options... often tweaked for the tax laws of where you live.

If you live in the UK...

You can still give to any of the above, but not all will be able benefit from Gift Aid.

If you want to give to IRC, you can use Gift Aid, if you dig down just a little bit in their site (if the link I just gave doesn't work.) (You can't use CAF vouchers, however.)

MSF also has a way for your to give which allows them to reclaim the tax you paid, and they can accept CAF vouchers, I think.

Alternatively, for UK donors, ....

Make a contribution to your local cathedral, if they still have a "proper" choir. Another centre of excellence. If you have no particular local allegiance, the choir at Chichester is one. Please make a note with your donation "For the expenses of the choral foundation" on your donation. You can use the Gift Aid scheme here, too.... Chichester Cathedral, Royal Chantry, Chichester, PO19 1PX

One more option for taxpayers anywhere... and this one DOES accept PayPal...


This is the "meta-organization" which includes Wikipedia under its umbrella. (You can also donate by more traditional means.)

Thank you for reading this far. However, I would rather that you had became "distracted" somewhere above, and went off to donate! It is not too late....

Still reading?

Still reading? Thank you!

US readers: If you want to make serious contributions to charity... $500 at a shot... you should consider a Donor Advised Fund. That link will take you to another of my pages where I go into why DAFs are a great deal for you, as much as for your charities!

UK readers: I hope you know about the Charities Aid Foundation? (They produce the "CAF vouchers" I mentioned a few times above.) The link will take you to their site, where the benefits of an account are explained.

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