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Recent Disruption:

Finding missing people / Reporting you are okay

The International Committee for the Red Cross / Crescent has an online service for people who have been disconnected by the recent disaster.

The service consists of a list messages from...
    * people are okay, and want their loved ones to know, and to know how to contact them.
    * people who are worried about specific individuals.

Anyone can post a message saying either...
    * "I'm okay", or
    * "I'm worried about [named person]."

After you post an "I'm worried about..." message, revisit the list periodically. The person you are worried about may have been put on the list since the time you looked. They may be unable to contact you individually.

The list is at:

There's a copy of this poster online at the following link. Please email that anywhere there's someone who might print it, put it up:
Family Links publicity poster:

For the October 2005 earthquake in southern Asia the place to go is...

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