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Sensing and Control for hobbyists and schools

These pages are intended take you into the fascinating world of electronic sensing and control. A very, very simple example of the sort of thing you'll find here is home heating control: Something SENSES the temperature in the house, and then CONTROLS the heating, turning it on or off as necessary. Making something to hunt for life on Mars is, in principle, nothing more. Visit the "Examples" link below, too.

Happy study....

     Sensors: Electronic thermometers and more.
     Actuators: The devices which make things happen.
     Connections and wiring: Information on connecting everything.. locally and across LANs & internet.
     Programming: How you establish the rules.
     Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems: Some specific considerations.
     Examples: Click here for.... (You can guess.... I hope!)

Combining many elements of sensing and control, I hope you will forgive my enthusiasm for a package I have put together and am calling FarWatch.

If you have premises with an always-on broadband connection, you don't need to pay for anything more to set up a system that lets you monitor those premises from anywhere on the internet.

This web resource has been evolving since September 2002. You can either find things through the links, or use the search button below to look for something specific.

If you would like to use material from this site, say on a CD, my page about permitted use may save you some time.

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Other projects

These pages about sensing and control constitute just one of the guides I have published on the net. Also for you....

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Pascal programming tutorials
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