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Discussion groups: 1-Wire(tm) / MicroLan (tm)

Reinventing the wheel is such a waste of time!

Forgive me stating the obvious? If you want to know more about something, Google and Groups Google are good first ports of call. The latter is where you'll find discussions, typically someone asks "How do I...", and then others pile in with answers. In either case, unfortunately, you'll need to run searches on both "microlan" and "1-wire". When searching for the latter, be sure to put it in quotes, as Goggle may otherwise see it as "1" and "wire", and return things like "I had a wire 1 meter long...". E.g. a good search would be....

     "1-wire" "weather station" dallas

For many years, Dallas ran a mailing list for people interested in 1-Wire matters. They closed that list in July 2004. The archives... a marvelous collection of discussions of various things.... are available only to former members of the mailing list for some reason. Such a pity so many interesting things are not generally available. Much of the content was mainstream, but there were also discussions of sensing snow depth, lightning (you'd be amazed at the variations on that topic!), radiation of several forms, and monitoring the nocturnal activity of a hamster!

At 8/11, the forum hosted by Weather Toys seems to be active. That is a forum about weather monitoring, but does brand itself "1-Wire Weather Station Hardware and Software Discussion". (My emphasis.)

A while back (at 8/11) Dallas seemed to be offering some sort of forum at http://discuss.dalsemi.com, but I didn't tried it, and the link no longer works... Maybe someone knows of a current (and useful) Dallas forum? The omens weren't good while the old, satisfactory, mechanism was being wrapped up.

You may find the guidelines at Newsgroup FAQs. useful. One of the most annoying things for newsgroup (or forum) users is new people who are too lazy to check archives to see if what they need to know has already been discussed. Think about it: Aren't your questions likely to be the common ones? The impetus to start everything on my site starting at the main sense and control page was to pull together answers to 1-Wire FAQs, so PLEASE: Use This! It is a little chaotic, I admit, but if you use the search buttons on each page, I think you'll find lots of good stuff, even if my attempt to devise and use a logical hierarchy hasn't been entirely successful.

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Other projects

This is just one of the guides I have published on the net. Please visit any of the following that relate to interests you have....

Arduino Tutorials (Great microprocessor for "driving" 1-Wire stuff)
Delphi Tutorials
Lazarus Tutorials (Sort of an Open Source Delphi- Linux, Mac and Windows)
Pascal programming tutorials
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