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Updates for users of DS025:
SheepdogSoftware's software for monitoring Dallas MicroLan / 1-Wire sensors
Weather or other systems monitoring

Ds025 has been available as shareware ("try before you buy") for many years. It has been upgraded many times. As of April 2012, there has never been a charge to old users to upgrade to new versions. And "upgrading" has merely involved replacing your DS025.exe file, where ever you chose to put it on your system.

(The page you are reading is subordinate to a general page about the merits of DS025.)

If you have downloaded the .zip file recently, you probably have the most up to date versions of the .exe, the help files, the manual, etc. However if you are using an older version of any of those, I would encourage you to try out the latest versions.

Everyone should start with the basic zip archive with the various files of the application in it.

If you downloaded that a while ago, you might want to consider replacing the following files....

... at this time. You could, if you wanted, just over-write the old version which you've been using. However, taking DS025.exe as an example, it would be better, on general principles, to re-name the old file something like "DS025old at 2009-11-17.exe" first, and then put the new DS025.exe in the folder.

If you think about it, that procedure gives you a way, if the "upgrade" goes badly, to go back to where you were before you dared to tempt fate by trying an upgrade.

If you are a registered user of the program, and there haven't been extensive upgrades since you registered, you won't have to make any changes to your ini file... the new version will run with the old ini file. (This, for people who registered before 6/09 is probably NOT true. You may need to contact me for a new key, because of significant upgrades. As of August 2012, I am not charging for such replacement keys. In any case, the old software will continue to run with the old key indefinitely, if you don't want to upgrade. You're dealing with Sheepdog Software, not Microsoft. Neither do you need to go online and send things... who knows what things... in order to "activate" your product.)

You will have to take "newer" out of the names of the following after downloading them. Your browser may simply open the last document. If it does, use your browser's "File | Save" menu option. Remember to move the renamed files to the right folders.

Click on the required item to download the update. You can do just one, or two, or all three.

Click here to download "DS025newer.exe" (Don't bother, if the version ID in your current DS025.exe (visible in the middle of the title bar) is "26Aug12b"... you already have the latest... unless I've forgotten to edit the text here!)

Click here to download "DS025newer.hlp" (Don't bother, if the version ID in your current DS025.hlp (at the top of the Table of Contents page) is 20 November 2009... you already have the latest!) Note: The program does not (yet!) detect or display wind direction, despite a reference to wind direction (and the DS2450) in the help file.

Click here to download "DS025manual.txt" (Don't bother, if the version ID in your current DS025manual.txt (at the top of the page) is 20 November 2009... you already have the latest!)


I've had fun watching the weather with this program and antecedents since 1982. "Discovered" something I had not know about the wind despite a university degree and 8 years (by then) of teaching science.

My weather-watching hobby also gave me a good foundation for the meteorology elements of what I had to learn to pass a private pilot's license.

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By the way.... I am interested in buying any second hand Dallas Rain Gauge or Wind sensor (any version). It must be in reasonable condition mechanically- no cracks or broken bits, but I'm hoping you have one with "dead" electronics, which you are willing to sell for a price that reflects the fact. The "no broken bits" requirement doesn't extend to the electronics. Shipping: It can be to the US or the UK. If you have something for me, please click here for my eddress?

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