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Click One (MGA11)

Flexible learning tool. Learn to look closely.

The program puts several phrases on the screen. You can compose your own question sets. One phrase will be "odd". You have to find it. The program will either display one faultless phrase among several with faults, or one faulty phrase among several faultless ones. (Which way it works is set within the question set. It doesn't keep changing!)

Screenshot of MGA11

N.B.: Alternatively, the program can be set to show three wrong answers, one right one, in which case the challenge becomes "Click on the Right phrase". If a user clicks on a phrase that isn't the odd one out, then an explanation appears, if the author of the phrase set took the trouble to write feedback for that phrase. For instance, if users click on the first phrase in the set above, they are told that "unique" does not come in degrees, that "most" should be dropped. The line users should click is "D".. but that's not the point! The intention is that you draft phrase sets which will support the learning that you need to do. The phrases on the screen are just examples of the sort of use the program can be put to.

The freeware version of the program does not keep score, and you are limited to the supplied demo files of right and wrong sentences. In the first demo file, the wrong lines have spelling errors, grammatical errors, typos, etc.

Two other free demos are available. One shows the program helping you master general subjects, including some mathematical questions. The other lets people studying for the FAA's Private Pilot's License see how the program can help them prepare for their written, "Knowledge", test. (Access to two larger banks of questions- and "how you went wrong" feedback- for the FAA test is available if you like the demo... but the additional banks involve a license fee.)

The registered version adds score keeping and allows you to use files you have prepared yourself with phrases to suit your needs. $30 or GBP 20 (British pounds) for single user license, or for a named person's use with groups under his/ her direct supervision. (Pity you didn't order this before September 2009... the price went up then!)

The following is the sort of file you would create to make your own questions for the program. Lines beginning with an "r" should be things that are right; lines beginning "w" should be wrong, and anything after the "|" is the help a user receives after giving a wrong answer. (Users, of course, do not see the "r" or "w".)

rParis is the capital of France
wLondon is the capital of France|London is the capital of the United Kingdom
wParis is the capital of Germany|Berlin is capital of Germany
rColumbus found the New World in 1492
wColumbus found the New World in 1620|1492
rPlants make oxygen while doing photosynthesis
wPlants do not need oxygen to live|They do, but they also make it.

Best Download Option

For the best download option, just click here! That will let you download a comprehensive .zip file. Just drag all of the .zip's contents into a new folder on your machine... whatever folder YOU want, wherever you want it.... and then double-click on the MGA11.exe file... it may show on your machine as just "MGA11" (Application)... and you should see the program launch. If you want to be "fancy", create a shortcut to MGA11.exe and put it someplace handy.

If the above is somehow unsatisfactory, please let me know... but in the meantime, the following is a legacy source of the program.....

LEGACY source for MGA11, "Click the Right/ Wrong One"

Are you sure you want to use this download? The one in the section immediately above here is better!!

Click here to download program. It is in a self-extracting zip file, created with WinZip 8. It will (only) unzip and save the files it contains. You should save it to your disc, log off the internet, check it for viruses and then run it. It asks what folder you want the files in. Within that folder, it creates a folder called "Data".

Now then... good news, bad news...

The Good News is that the program has been improved, and an additional free demo question set is available. the Bad News is that the self-extracting zip file has not yet been updated.

Download and install the program and the first two data files, using the self-extracting zip file, link for that above.

Get that working. Then download the new version. Move that file (MGA11new.exe) to the folder you put MGA11.exe in. Rename your current MGA11.exe as MGA11old.exe. Rename your recently downloaded MGA11new.exe as MGA11.exe.

If you want to see the question set for people studying for the FAA's Private Pilot's License, download it with the link earlier in this sentence, save the file to your computer, and then move what you have downloaded (MGA11D3fly.txt) to the folder called "Data" which is inside the folder your MGA11.exe is in. (Some browsers just display the text file when you click on the link... use your browsers "File | Save As" if that is what happens to you.)

A more extensive set of questions for FAA students is being prepared. I'm not a CFI... but I did get 95% on my written test, in part from using this program to prepare.

There are more programs to help people working to pass the FAA Private Pilot's License on my page dedicated to those programs.

Problem downloading, etc? Please report, quote:AH_X. 'Email me' buttons at top and bottom.

Known to work fine with Vista... as I believe all of my programs do. This one tested by me under Vista, and found to be fine.

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