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Software to help users learn to add and multiply.

"5+6=?"    "7 x 2=?"    "9+3=?"    "8 x 6=?"    "7+4=?"

Know anyone working on these? You're just a few clicks away from a simple free program to help them. And if you are feeling generous, you can upgrade it to something more capable if you find you like it. Upgrading does not entail re-installing.

Of course there are many such programs... but how many record users' results to a machine readable file, so that busy teachers or parents can review the learners' efforts later? (The results recording is not part of the free demo.)

The program puts a number of problems on the screen. The user tries to answer them. As fast as the user gets answers right, the questions disappear. When they're all gone, the time taken is reported.

The problems all consist of two digits to be added or multiplied.

There's no penalty for wrong answers- other than the damage done to the user's "time taken" score.

As I said, there is a free version. Click on the "Download" button below; save the file to your hard disc. (You can then disconnect from the internet.) Double-click on the file. The arithmetic program will be installed, and some shortcuts will appear in your Start menu. (There's more technical detail below, if you are interested.)

When that's done, you just click the shortcut, and the program starts. Simple!

Here's a small screenshot....

Small Screenshot

... and you can click here if you wish to look at a larger image.

Ready to give it a try? If so, you can skip the rest of this page. Just click here to download the setup file (about 400kb). After you have saved it, run it. It will allow you to select a directory and then unzip some files into that directory... and nowhere else. N.B.: You will get a full "Help" file as part of the install.

Why are you still reading? Worried about what "the catch" is?

The program you can just use, within minutes of finishing the download, is limited.... but it does not....

Expire, or
Entail spyware, or
Cost you anything.

Nor does it "do things" to your registry during the install process, apart from making a note of the necessary details so that you can uninstall it later with a simple click, should you decide that's what you want to do. Apart from the shortcuts to the program, the help file, and the uninstall process, all that is installed is a single .exe file, and a help file.

IF (and you don't have to) you choose to upgrade the program, all you need to do is add a file which I will send you via email. It's explained in the program's help file.

The basic, free, program gives only 10 problems in each set, instead of 20. (You can do as many sets as you like.) The free program only asks addition questions. It only uses the digits 0-6.

There are different levels of upgrade available. Multiplication questions become available. Problems with 7s, 8s and 9s become available. In the most advanced version of the program, the computer records the names, ages and scores of the program's users, so a school can use the program to assess pupils' fluency. The data file created can be imported by any sensible spreadsheet or database. It is the one thing that is not automatically removed if you choose to uninstall the program.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if I can clarify anything for you, but why not just give the free demo a try?

Technical details....

The program was written with Borland's Delphi.

The helpfile was put together with HelpScribble.

The self-installing .exe file which you get if you use the download button above was created using Inno Setup 4.

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