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The Russian People
Photographed by William Carrick

Nineteenth Century

I recently had the chance to photograph some photographs(!) to bring them to you.

They were taken before 1878, by the Scot, William Carrick, who lived in and around St. Petersburg for most of his life.

The photos are mounted in a small "book" on an "accordion" fabric backing... they fall out as a long strip, if you aren't careful. They are about the size of playing cards. Many are numbered. I heard that you could select from a large universe of photographs, and have the ones that appealed to you mounted thus... a fore-runner of "print on demand", perhaps we could call it?

For comprehensive reproduction of the collection, before some "digital restoration" was applied, see this sub-page.

There are some marvelous other pictures which I failed to include in this small "restored" sample of Carrick's work. And the sort of "restoration" I have undertaken... and the time and skill available... will not be to everyone's taste.

But whatever your feelings may be on those points, I hope this taste of Russia in the time of the czars will still have been of interest to you.


Text is: "Types Russes / Avanzo St Petersbourg"


Carrick was a pioneer in taking this sort of photo: outdoors, less posed photo. Technical issues of the photography of the time made working in a studio, with subjects held still by braces, etc, easier.

Best viewed with your browser window NOT taking the full width of your screen. I would suggest that you narrow the window to the point that the "portrait" images are individually viewable without scrolling.


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For comprehensive reproduction of the collection, before some "digital restoration" was applied, see this sub-page.

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