Building An Indian Village

St Michael's Mission, Ethete, Wyoming

Nathaniel S Thomas, Bishop of Wyoming, 1920

At this website, you will find a (partially completed!) facsimile of a pamphlet put out in 1920. I believe the pamphlet was published to ask for financial support for what some well-meaning people were trying to do "to help the Indians".

Elements in the text make my toes curl... but it is my impression that the people concerned were, to a point, well meaning. And that they were not entirely blinded by the opinions and attitudes of their place and time.

If nothing else, I hope you will find the document interesting as a glimpse into their world.

By the way... I'm told that "Ethete" is pronounced "Eee' Thuh Tee".

This page is your entry point into two paths through the pamphlet.....

Cover and first page of book

Why have I "published" this material? Among other things, I hope teachers will find it useful in their work. It might be interesting to get students to write about what is contained in the pamphlet.

What good things can be said about the mission, the people running it, the BIA, the church, the Indians? What bad things? Why are these things "good" or "bad"? Should people have known they were being bad? Etc. What is the wider story that this is a part of?

If any teachers do work up study guides, especially if they are available as .pdf or .doc, I hope they will share them more widely.... I would be happy to "publish" things here if the creator is willing to relinquish copyright.

By the way, do consider $upporting the American Indian College Fund. I am quite choosy about whom I $upport, but AICF is one of the organizations which makes the grade, for me. (See also

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