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The Case Of the Perplexing Palm Frond

Something curious I purchased at an auction

I imagine you came here from my "Book Mad" page. Well, this isn't about a book, exactly, nor even something printed... but it IS "words", recorded on something (more or less) flat...


So... there I was, looking over some things which were going to be sold in an auction. I found a 53cm piece of what seemed to be a palm frond, very dry, mounted behind glass in a picture frame. On the right, you can see a bit of it in detail.

Any help you can give me about what this might be very welcome! Age? Language? What the writing says (more images further down the page... even "bits" translated would be very welcome!) (A link for my email address is at the bottom of the page.)

Here's the whole thing... not my most successful bit of montage building, it must be admitted, but enough to give you an overview, I hope. As I said: 53 cm long. This copy of that image is a (relatively!) low resolution copy, for the casual reader of this page. A high resolution copy is available as well... read on. (Ignore the faint green lines for now. They aren't present on the palm frond!)


Here's a bit where the "lines" of text seem to all "fit" nicely, even in a not-wide page...


If you are feeling exceptionally kind, and have an idea of what the language might be, I have a further small page (big image files, though!) with even higher resolution images.

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