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What is the history of Sheepdogsoftware.co.uk?

And pages from the same source?

My web empire, today, is mostly accessible from sheepdogsoftware.co.uk

From time to time, sensibly cautious people have reason to want to know a bit about the background of that page, and of pages related to it.

While longevity doesn't answer every concern, help with establishing the "roots" of any web resource exists.

Are you familiar with "the Wayback Machine"? If not, that link will take you to the Wikipedia article. It, like most on SheepdogSoftware pages, will open in a new tab or window. (You may need to switch to it, if your browser isn't set to do that automatically.) Just close the tab or window to return to what you are reading now.

The Wayback machine gives you access to "snapshots" of web pages, as they were at times in the past. In a moment, I will give you the link to see what SheepdogSoftware.co.uk looked like a "long" time ago.

But, before I lose you... visiting JUST ONE Wayback page takes willpower!... I'd like to mention that SheepdogSoftware.co.uk is not where my web presence began.

You don't have to take my word for it. The Wayback snapshots will show you, if you trace the route carefully, that before SheepdogSoftware.co.uk, there was www.arunet.co.uk/tkboyd. And before that, stretching back to 1998 in the Wayback machine... I think it predates the earliest Wayback harvests, but my memories that far back are unreliable... there was... ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/TK_Boyd/homepage.htm

So... To access old versions of my pages, head on over to the Wayback Machine, aka "Internet Archive". (The link will land you at the start of my internet "trail".)

The Wayback machine has a page for www.arunet.co.uk/tkboyd from February 1999, and a page for SheepdogSoftware.co.uk from September 2002.

Other ventures

In addition to the three core URLs already discussed, over the years I have created various "special interest" sites, e.g. Arduserver.com, which is all about a webserver built in an Arduino, hence the imagination-challenged "brand name". But the point of this guide to the history if SheepdogSoftware.co.uk is to help people be confident that it is not a web-sham, so I won't go into great detail here. If you are checking something like Arduserver.com out, there are usually links to be found, if you dig. (Links from and to "the big three".)


Years ago, at the present day Library of Alexandria, Egypt, I stood in front of a large, enclosed- in- glass room containing one of the mirrors of the Wayback Machine. On those hard drives were not only copies of every page on the web at that time, but multiple copies of every page, with their histories, as well as their recent state. What I felt cannot be explained, nor will it resonate with everyone... but some of you, Gentle Readers, may understand.

I suspect that the archive is, today, distributed. But it was a special moment, even if not available any more.

In a related matter: I read someplace (not on the internet, though near it!) that 300 minutes of new material is added to YouTube every... minute.

I have never regretted my investments in hard drive ("disk") manufacturers.

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