Design for July 2017 Billy Elliot, the musical
Memento badge

To mark the end of the first UK tour, a "do it yourself" effort is underway. (The whole project is entirely "amateur", with no connection with, or endorsement from, the show's "official" people.) (Project's main page.)

The design

Many people made helpful suggestions in the very brief time that was available for the design process. (Brief because I always start things too late in the day!)


To paraphrase Twain, any project can be completed to everyone's satisfaction... as long as only two people are involved... and one of them is dead.

The good news is: If you don't like an element of the design, if you are quick, you can do a derivative and have badges of your design made!

I suppose I should formally declare: I release the badge design you see on this page to the Public Domain. Do what you will with it... that doesn't restrict the rights of others to do their thing.

I hope you will like the quirkiness of some of the oblique material in the design. And apologies to those who said they didn't think this or that was "good".

1: The "first show" date: The "official" first night was 12 May 2005. I've chosen to include the "press night", from the night before, in what the badge celebrates. That performance was the first of the show at the beginning of it's journey into so many hearts. I gather a few seats were available to the public, even. But most were, as it were, "invited guests"... but people (mostly?) from "outside" the members, friends and family of the production. I know... by that logic, I have left out some even earlier performances, where the whole thing was "run through", in full costume, etc, as it was fine tuned, ahead of the press night. Sorry! Feel free to make an alternative version with the 12th!

2: "gjl": That's "G", "J" and "L"... the initials, in alphabetical order, of the first three Billys

3: "aehl": "A", "E", "H", "L"... the four boys who played Billy for most of the Tour's life.

The seven initials were included in the design in hopes that people would see in them a tribute to ALL of the kids (in particular) who worked so hard, and with such talent, to bring us the show.

4: "vfs": Near the end of the show, when Billy goes to Mrs. Wilkinson to thank her, she tells him that he is "... very special." "vfs" is on the design in reference to the whole show.

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Other discussion...

This page was just to explain the design. Other pages can be accessed from the index page for the July 2017 Billy Elliot Memento badge. (The whole project is entirely "amateur", with no connection with, or endorsement from, the show's "official" people.)

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