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DNA Driven Genealogy- our mother's mother's mother's... mothers

Please note: This page moved to 8 Sep 23

Better to light a candle than curse the darkness....

This page is an attempt to provide you with an effective way to find maternal ancestors via your mitochondrial DNA.

If you have had your mitochondrial DNA sequenced, look for the names of your direct maternal ancestors in the list below. This site exists to help you find other descendants of those ancestors!

If you want to put your "looking for" information here, you can. Details of this submitting mtDNA data to this directory are on the page the link will open in a new tab or window. How to submit your information for inclusion in the list is explained there. If you've had your mtDNA fully sequenced, and you have a WorldConnect page, you don't need to visit the "submitting..." page. I will do ALL the work for you, if you will just send me the URL ("www-thingie") for the page, tell me your haplogroup, and which testing service you used. I also need to know which person on the WorldConnect page is your mother's mother's (... mother's) mother.

Before going further, may I plead with you to submit your details to I've been a participant for many years, no regrets. If everyone would do that... and it is a free service!!... we would have far less need for other directories... like mine!

There is a similar directory for Y-chromosome DNA, YSearch.orgwhich is also worth signing up with... even if that isn't germane to the topic this page is meant to be about!

If there is a problem with either directory, keeping you off it, please let me know what it is, so I can consider changing the policies? No offense taken, I promise!

Yes, the project is barely off the ground... but do you know of a better attempt at what it is trying to do?

Note that in this directory, everything is done by the mother's name after marriage. This may be a mistake! I may have to go back one day, rework the whole thing (shudder). And there will be instances where a maiden name has to be used as the father's name may not be known. But! In many cases, I suspect that researchers are only going to know the married name of their most distant matrilineal ancestor. That is why things are set up as they are.

In passing: There is another directory out there that may interest you: Charles Kerchner's mtDNA database. And the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, after you supply personal details to register tells you it no longer accepts registrants in its database, refers you to where I couldn't find the "free mtDNA matching" service... and got a "bad feeling". Sigh.

For more general information about family history quests, please see my genealogy page, or perhaps go to my page about my maternal line?



See Beach (H24)


Haplogroup H24.. note there is more than one line from "unknown Beach... 1624"

First line from: unknown BEACH -u/n (b.bef.abt.1625) m/o + Mary SMITH -m/n (b.1641) m/o + Abigail WINTER -m/n (b.1670) m/o + Eunice CHURCH -m/n (cr.1713) m/o + Eunice ABBE -m/n (b.1738) m/o + Eunice LINCOLN -m/n (b.1755) m/o + Rachel CHURCH -m/n (b.1776) m/o + Sarah JONES -m/n (b.1799) m/o + Martha A. MCKENNEY -m/n (b.1842) m/o + Laura Alice HEDDEN -m/n (b.1885) m/o + Marion HEDDEN -u/n (b.abt.1914) FTDNA-fgs bef.11/10 More info. (The testing was done at FTDNA. The haplogroup assignment at You can see the full SNP data at the link "More info" takes you to.)

Second line from: unknown BEACH -u/n (b.bef.abt.1625) m/o + Mary SMITH -m/n (b.1641) m/o + Abigail WINTER -m/n (b.1670) m/o + Lydia CADY -m/n (cr.1703) m/o + Keziah WINTER -m/n (b.1729) m/o + Lydia NIMS -m/n (b.1770) m/o + Pamela WARE -m/n (b.1794) m/o + Mary Augusta KIDDER -m/n (b.1835) m/o + Clara Emma NIETERT -m/n (b.1863) m/o + Elsie Muriel WRIGHT -m/n (b.1899) m/o + Dorothy Mae WRIGHT -u/n (b.1919) FTDNA-fgs bef.11/10 More info. (The testing was done at FTDNA. The haplogroup assignment at You can see the full SNP data at the link "More info" takes you to.)


See McKenney (H4a1a1)


See Beach (H24)


See Beach (H24)


See McKenney (H4a1a1)


See Beach (H24)


See Beach (H24)


See Beach (H24)


See Beach (H24)


Haplogroup H4a1a1

Maria MCKENNY -w/n (b.1834, Maine, USA) m/o + Emma DINGLEY -w/n (b.1859, Maine) m/o + BRADLEY -w/n (of Massachusetts) == h/g: FTDNA-fgs abt.5/10 More info.

McKenny: also see Beach (H24)


See Beach (H24)


See Beach (H24)


See Beach (H24)


See Beach (H24)


See Beach (H24)


See Beach (H24)

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