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A little money for a little of your time...?

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Filename: PieceWrk.htm

If you have a computer, a little time on your hands, and want to make a little money, I would be willing to pay for a little of your time.

I have a notebook filled with material like the top half of what is below. I want it transcribed into a spreadsheet, as you see in the bottom half. Pretty simple, really.

((q-alt text for image))

It is details of books I have read. There are about 30 entries per page. (I've done a second page about this, with details which may be useful to people who decide to give it a try.)

I would send you images of the pages, you would type the data into your computer, save it, email to me as a simple attachment. (No macros, in it, for instance.) It wouldn't have to be "perfect". You would send pages back one at a time. I would pay you, a page at a time, via PayPal. (If, once we "knew" one another, you were happy to do them in batches, be paid in batches, fine. But to start with, we both should protect ourselves.)

I did a page 11/20, from scratch, including all the work (e.g. emailing the result to me at the end), on an unfamiliar spreadsheet (which gave me a few hassles). A page took me 25 minutes. If I were a good typist (I'm not), and I did a batch of four pages, i.e. "got into the swing of it", I doubt it would take me anything like two hours.

This is a new venture for me. There will, I imagine, be "bugs" to work out.

"Paid training"...

Get in touch, send a sample. (Details further on.)

For your first completed page, I will pay US$12. (To the PayPal account of your choice, so you can do this from anywhere in the world, and receive the pay in your local currency.) $12 for a 1/2 hour's work! Well, it would be $12 for a half hour, but of course you'll probably take a bit longer, given that you haven't done typing for me before. You get paid before we go any further.

I had a smiliar offer in place for a while, offering higher prices for the first and second pages. Plenty of people took the "training" payments... and then never did another page. I want to be fair to you... but you'll have to be fair to me!

So now the wages are slightly different.

If you do a second page, I pay, then, US$6 for that... but the next TWO pages get $10 each. But you only get paid that when you complete both of them. (I pay a fee each time I do a PayPal payment.)

After that, payment is $8 per page... a page only takes about a half hour, remember.

One other bit of "up front" honesty... when you've complete four pages of this simple work, I'll ask you to consider doing something similar, but from less "user friendly" originals. (I'm going to run out of pages-to-be-types from the reading log!) We can discuss what you would find fair for transcribing from the different material if we get that far. It would probably be more than $8/page, but each page would probably take more than a half hour!

What software should you use?

LibreOffice's spreadsheet would be my first choice. I know that if you do the work with OpenOffice's spreadsheet, that would also be fine. I suspect that Excel would be. If none of those suit you, write! We can iron the "what software" question out pretty easily, I imagine. (But unless you really, REALLY don't want to...please try installing LibreOffice, try their spreasheet, "Calc"?

To test what MIGHT be okay, when for the first time you apply for a page to type, PLEASE SEND THE FIRST FOUR LINES OF THE DATA IN THE EXAMPLE as if you were sending a page of typing you would be paid for.

Please do not use: Google docs or Dropbox. Send as attachment to email.

The good news: I don't expect "instant" results. But I would expect a page to be sent back to me within ten days of me sending it to you... it's only 40 lines, after all!

I am not offering "a lot" for your time... but the work should not take much of your time. And you can do it when it suits you.

But I have to be satisfied with your work! So... do one page. Send that back. (I don't imagine that I WON'T be satisfied, but I won't buy a pig in a poke.) I will then send you payment. ("He who pays the piper", and all that.) You are taking a chance... you might waste the time it took to type a page! Send me half a page the first few times, if you like.

Is this "safe"?

Go to the root of the site this page is on- http://sheepdogguides.com. That's who you are dealing with. Use the Wayback Machine... it will show you that I've been online for more than 15 years. Do you really think someone with that reputation to protect is going to try to rip you off?? Anyway... because of how I have set this up, how could you lose more than a hour's work? (Including reading this!)

Your data transcription doesn't have to be perfect

Remember... the transcription doesn't have to be perfect- not for the fee I am offering. As long as you get most of it right, that's fine.


Don't worry about anything other than what you see transcribed in the example....

The occasional dates, over at the right side of the page, don't need transcription. Some pages have notes on them. They don't need transcription.

That's it!

If you are under 18, get a guardian's consent before you write to me.

If you send me an "I'll give it a try" email, with the sample ... 4 lines from the data shown above (as a test of how you plan to submit the work)... I'll send you a few pages to transcribe. Remember: You will be paid for the first one before I ask you to start the second. We'll see how it goes! If we're both happy, I have quite a bit of this stuff to be transcribed.

By all means, suggest "tweaks" to what I've proposed, if something would make you more inclined to give it a try. (If you'd do it for US$6 per page, send your name... if I get no one willing to do it at $4, I'd consider you.) I've tried to keep this simple... let me know if you can see ways to make it simpler.

Sorry... you will have to copy the email address below by hand... it makes it harder for spam list generators if I do it this way...

My email address as a graphic- turn on images to see it

I hope to hear from you! Remember: Start by sending a sample showing how your transcription would be sent. It only has to be 4 lines long.

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