Please note...... I don't really need this page translated! (Explained below)

Thank you, translators!....

... and an appeal for new translations

Thank you!

From the creator of Sheepdog Software

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I have built up numerous free tutorials on the web. I fear, however, that I only speak one language.

I quite often get offers from people, willing to make my work available in other languages... for free! (I am usually happy to "advertise" a site a translator wants advertised, by the way.)

I've written a page with my thoughts on that. (Basically "yes please!") There are also hints there for you that may be helpful to how you do it... and to getting your translation approved for a link from the English original of the page to your page.

What I say below may also be useful to people who would like to make my pages available on intranets, or DVD for use where internet is not easily available. (More details on the page I mentioned a moment ago.)

Pages I think most worthy of translation...

I'd really appreciate translations of... A page comparing the Arduino, the Pi and the BBC MicroBit- three small, inexpensive computers with many possibilities for fun and learning without needing a lot of money. A page for electronics enthusiasts. (For hobbyist computer programmers, and students.) A mix of things, aimed primarily at kids in schools, or kids of any age wanting to plug gaps left from their school days.

... or even... but that may have been translated to your language already! (See list in the page.)

"Advertising" for you, or for a good cause close to your heart

If your page meets the guidelines (problems only arise rarely, usually from not looking at the notes for translators), then I am very happy to post a link to your translation from the original (English) version of the page....

   ... and ...

... I am happy to add a link advertising something for you. Artur Weber's link at my page about the Lazarus programming language gives you an example of what I am happy to do for you, by way of "thanks".

Not this page, thanks anyway!

Not wanting to seem ungrateful, or anything, but....

I really don't need THIS page (the one you are reading) translated, thank you. (If someone's English isn't fluent enough to read this, they probably aren't the person I want translating for me.) Nor would I want my "how to contact me" pages translated. If someone reads a page in, say, Swahili, telling them how to contact me, it would be reasonable if they assumed I could read Swahili. I'm afraid that my knowledge of other languages is almost nil. I do try to know "Yes/ No", "Please/ Thank you", "A glass of red wine, please", and "Where are the toilets?" in the local language, before I set off on a tourist jaunt. But I have usually forgotten even that within two weeks of getting home.


Please remember that the page you are reading is a "sub-page", "beneath" my main page about translating my web-pages. However, I'm sure there are questions I've failed to provide answers to. so here's how....

You can email me. If you do, please give me a little bit of information... nothing too "personal"... about where and who you are? It makes working with you a bit more "human"... you become more than just an email! Remind ME to tell YOU a bit more about myself that I put up on widely accessible web pages.

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