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Invitation to translators

Welcome! Buonas Diaz! Bonjour!

From the creator of Sheepdog Software

I have built up numerous free tutorials on the web. I fear, however, that I only speak one language.

(I also write and distribute freeware and shareware. Most of what I say below also applies to that, modified, of course, for the nature of those things. I even have programs which are engines "running on" data files. The engine can stay in English, and you could write data files in other languages. See, for instance, my program for helping learners with vocabulary work.)

I'd be delighted if you would be willing to do a version of my site in your language! I'm afraid I would only be willing to pay you what everyone else pays me for the tutorials... nothing... but you would be allowed to include some advertising for your sites. (Alternatively, I'd be happy to give you your space to "give" to a charity. The link would read "Translated by someone who admires the work of CharityX", and the link would go to the charity's website.) What I say below can also inform people who would like to make my pages available on intranets, or CD for use where internet is not easily available. that bit, if you wish. If not Travel-Ticker, or a personal website,

If you want the license to do any of those things under my copyright, the following explains what I would like. By all means email me if you want to discuss alternatives... this is not a "take it or leave it" offer.

My suggestions are as much directed at making your pages work.. and, of course, at protecting my creations. And what I suggest is based on years of maintaining web pages. What I propose will, I hope, be a workable system... for you as much as for me.

I would be delighted to put links on my pages to your pages, if they follow the guidelines.

Before turning to translations of my work, if you merely wanted to distribute it on CD or intranet, please visit my answers to FAQs on that.
Here is my "cunning plan"....

I would ask that you to translate/ copy my pages as faithfully as possible, with three exceptions....

- Add a small header (details follow)
- Change links, slightly (details follow)
- Add a small footer (details follow)

The header should only take a little bit of screen height. It would consist of something like the following, in your own language...
The following is a translation of some pages
originally ON THE WEB IN ENGLISH. Translation by
(put advertising for YOUR OWN WEB PAGES here.)
Please see DETAILS. Contact EDITOR of the translated
version. Contact EDITOR of original, who only knows
... where each word in capitals is a link to the obvious thing...

The on the web in English link would take readers to my page... directly. E.g. a link like ""... NOT a link through some other server.

The details link would take people to an expanded version of the header, with, in particular, more space for advertising whatever you want to advertise, and with some information on my other web offerings. It would also be the place where readers were warned that the translated page is secondary, and that the English original may have been edited to incorporate improvements, corrections, etc.)

The link changes in my pages would take people directly to the right pages, but see below for more on this.

The footer would be similar to the header.

Before you start... check with me... has someone already started translating this part of my web presence to your language? He or she may have started recently, in which case there may be no link to their work... yet.

I think you will find it much, much easier to do a maintainable copy of my site if you put all of your translation pages in a sub-directory of their own on your server, and use the same page titles (URLs) as I have used.

Let's take my "Simple Hypothetical Map Making Example" page as an example. That's at Simple Hypothetical Example. (If you click on that, it will open in a new window, so you can get back here easily.)

In my pages, you will often find links to other pages on my server. As such, they often give only the name of the relevant file of HTML, e.g.
<a href="mm1h.htm">A real example.</a>

Such links will need to be re-written, fully qualified, e.g....
<a href="">
   A real example. (Link to page in English.)</a>

... in the case of "mm1h.htm". (I have several servers, but which one you need should be obvious.)

Links to illustrations will often need the same treatment.

I would ask you to do an "all or nothing" job of translating my pages. In other words, please translate all of a given page if you wish to translate any of it. Page! (I don't expect you to undertake translating a whole site!)

Also, I would ask you to leave the contents more or less as I have written them. Not perfect, I know!... but if you want to write your own pages, do... but "my" pages, even in translation, need to retain whatever consistency of approach and policy as I have managed in the English version.

Feel free to take out widgets like the "Facebook Like Button" code, if it doesn't work well, easily.

Another thing: If I give you a license to use my copyrighted material, that would come with a license for me to use the work you've done. Let's say you translate 5 pages, and then decide you don't want to do any more, and you don't want to put the translated versions on your server any more. I would then want to put your work on my server, and your license to work from my pages is conditional upon your permission to use your pages thus.

Not (very) negotiable: If you want the license under my copyright to use the material, even if you choose not to do it "my way", you must contact me first, and you must make clear on your site that it is a copy of my site, and give people links to the original. Remind them that I update my site from time to time, and that a page on your site may have been created before one of those updates.

When you have a page done, I'll be delighted to provide a link to your pages from mine.... which will do neither of us any harm at all at Google! :-)

I hope this goes forward... thank you for reading to here. If you email me, please give me a little bit of information... nothing too "personal"... about where and who you are? It makes "working for you" more interesting!

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