A detail... how to treat links

when doing translations of my pages

This page is subordinate to my page about how I would like translators to work with my pages, if they are creating... thank you!!... a version in a different language.

If you have not already seen my main page about doing translated versions of my web pages, start there. (There's a link to this from the relevant section of that.

This page as example!

Don't, please, bother to translate this page, but, if you were translating this page...

You would, of course, change all the bits the ordinary reader sees to a different language.

In addition, "under the surface", in the raw html, you would need to change the link to the main page. (By "the link", I mean the link above in "If you have not already seen my main page about... LINK... start there.")

(You can see what is under the surface by, in Firefox anyway, right-clicking on the page, and selecting "View Page Source".) (If the way you do it in the browser you like is different, I would be glad to add notes here, if you would be kind enough to send them. If you do, please say "for sheepdogsoftware.co.uk/otherlang2links.htm"?)

The html for the link is...

....main page
about <a href="otherlang.htm">doing

That wouldn't, quite, do for sticking in yourversion of my page. (Unless, which is unlikely, you also had a translation of otherlang.htm on your website!)

Because the full URL of this page is...


... what I quoted before, in any translation of this page, would need to become...

....main page
about <a href="http://sheepdogsoftware.co.uk/otherlang.htm">doing

I.E. what it was before, but with "http://sheepdogsoftware.co.uk/" added in front of the page's name.

What some translators wish to do... for reasons I understand, but am not willing to go along with... is to use something like....


... for such things. It DOES, eventually, take the reader to sheepdogsoftware.co.uk/otherlang.htm... but not directly.

Sorry... such links are not allowed, if you want to work with my (copyright) material.

Tweak the links as illustrated above. If that is not clear, do, please, let me know, and I will try again to explain.

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