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Welcome to Sheepdog Software's homepage, the evolving product of many years' work.
Many of the things here are free.

(Image of Border Collie, 'Sheepdog' in British English.)

Please visit... Windows Freeware and Shareware from Sheepdog Software....
or.... Freeware and Shareware for learning mathematics


   New, Feb 2012: Introduction to stock market investing- Explanation and thoughts from an experienced amateur.

Special Offer: If you have come to this page from the Artful Living Seussical program, then click here for the information for you.

Philosophy of design.... How to make things. Computer programs. Databases. Electronic circuits. New June 2012

Helpful Hints.... Mostly for new users of PCs, Windows, the internet

Sensing and control. Tutorials and FAQ answers for hobbyists or schools.

Open Office database ("Base") tutorials for novices. A new venture, but maybe it can help you not waste time that I had to! Contains links to other Open Office tutorials, too. These tutorials are for the HSQL variant supplied with OpenOffice version 2... which is a potential Access slayer. (I didn't like Adabas, which came with the commercial version of OO version 1)

Arduino: Introduction to the incredibly fun little open source microprocessor system.
Arduino tutorials: From beginner to intermediate, in easy steps!
Arduino 'How To's and Projects: Things you'll want to know; things to do

Delphi tutorials for novice and intermediate programmers. Probably my most important contribution to the internet. Delphi programmers are, I admit, an esoteric audience!

Guide to programming in Pascal... with a link to a suitable free compiler. Graded exercises. (Delphi is Pascal-based.)

Page of links to material for schools or hobbyists interested in weather monitoring, especially via the Dallas / Maxim 1-Wire / MicroLan / iButton.

And, begging your pardon for a little bit of self-indulgence: Tribute to a great teacher and gifted sculptor.
If you would be interested in helping to make this material available on CD, an intranet, or in a different language, please visit my invitation to you!
This is not my only website. I've provided some links above, but please visit my older site for an eclectic mix of Good Stuff.
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